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Why Choose ARC Rehabilitation? - We Care About You

ARC Rehabilitation is a mobile outpatient therapy company created to facilitate healing and improve mobility and quality of life for patients recovering from injuries or living with chronic conditions at home. Our skillful licensed therapists are dedicated to producing an individualized recovery experience for patients with diverse diagnoses including recent knee or hip replacement surgery, acute and chronic pain, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, occupational injuries, hand injuries, neurological disorders and more.

One-on-One Treatment


The ARC team of therapist values your personal time by providing individualized care methods that have lead to a faster and less painful recovery in fewer treatments. Your therapist will focus on your needs and peculiarities, and choose particular speed and tension to achieve the best personal result.

Necessary Equipment


Your therapist will bring a treatment table and a mobile kit to a session if needed. Most of the cases don't require heavy machines from clinics and focuses more on our client’s ability to function in there home and community environment.

Fitting the Environment

A sensible and practical program will be designed according to your diagnosis, wishes, and lifestyle. ARC Rehabilitation team will take care of all the necessary aspects to make the Occupational/Physical therapy program resultative and stress-free.

ARC Rehabilitation Services

ARC Rehabilitation team provides therapy services suitable for each patient's unique problem. We focus on an individual approach to every person's needs and particular health issues. Your ARC therapist will create a specialized plan of treatment that may include:


  • Manual Therapy
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Balance Exercise
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Mechanisms of Pain Relief
  • Motion Training
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Joint Mobilization

Sports Injuries


Injuries can cause frustrating and uncomfortable pauses in your daily routine and training management. However, through collaboration with physician and the help of our rehabilitation specialists, we will address the root cause and prevent re-occurrence of injury by restoring strength and mobility resulting in less recovery time.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation


For many diseases and injuries, surgery is often an obligatory solution.Though being helpful, medical operations also cause stress and long-term limitations in physical activities. Our Occupational and Physical therapists are up to date with procedures and protocols for both pre/post surgical rehab.

Specialty Pain Care


At ARC Rehabilitation, we specialize in the treatment of acute and chronic pain. We aim to guide our patients through the process of optimal rehabilitation and pain relief by delivering the top level of care in a safe, and comfortable environment of the patient's home.

Case Study

Our rehab experts are committed to providing the highest quality patient care. Our dedication to excellence, compassion and innovation is rooted in our devotion to the art and science of healing, which supports every aspect of our mission and to the care we give to our patients.


Mr. Stevenson on the right had dificulty walking and putting weight on his knee. After careful care and rehab he has been able to walk much better and make improvements in walking up steps to his house. Rehab efforts are ongoing but with promising progress.


The video shows the magnificent progress Mr. Stevenson has made in his walking efforts. We look forward to the day he no longer needs the assistance of his walking cane and can safely go up his front door step unassisted. 

Have Questions?

You can book a visit from an ARC therapist right now by going to our Schedule an Appointment page or by filling the online form below. You may also give us a call to check an available time for a consultation or in home therapy.

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More ARC Rehabilitation Services

Some of the services offered through ARC Rehabilitation programs include but are not limited to:


  • Activities of Daily Living Training and Adaptive Equipment Training
  • Home Adaptation and Assessment
  • Upper Extremity/Hand Therapy
  • Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive/Perceptual Retraining
  • Acute and Chronic Pain Management
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
  • Low Vision and Fall Prevention

What are the Advantages of Home Rehabilitation?

We will make sure you receive the best possible care available today all while making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed in the comfort and security of your home.

No Transport Issues

Elderly or disabled patients will not have to take care of getting to the rehabilitation center or clinic a couple of times a week through tough traffic. It makes overall treatment less stressful, more accessible, and time-efficient.

No Fake Challenges


During home treatment, rehabilitation specialists will not need to simulate the challenges a patient may face at home. ARC specialists pay attention to observing real-time and location challenges to overcome or reduce their impact.

Working Independently


When patients are shown home exercises in the privacy and security of their homes, it leads to better carry-over and shorter recovery time as the exercises become more productive and meaningful to patient centered goals.

Individual Approach

In a busy clinic, therapists often work with different patients with overlapping treatment times, and a specialist can sometimes change. As a mobile Outpatient therapy company, we at ARC Rehabilitation, are committed to providing our patients with a consistent face while providing exceptional one on one care.

How It Works

Make a Quick Appointment


Schedule a visit online or make a call. You don't need to wait for days or even weeks to get the treatment you deserve.

Get Connected with a Personal Therapist


Work directly with the same Occupational or Physical Therapist who's an expert in your specific condition every time a therapy session is provided.

Receive Care According to Your Schedule

Your therapist will come to your home at a convenient time so that physical rehabilitation is easier and more comfortable.